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Flood Fire Pro is a mold removal company, providing mold removal, cleanup, and inspection throughout Medway MA and the surrounding areas.

Professional Mold Removal & Cleanup Services

It’s very alarming when you’ve discovered mold growing in your home or business; and unless it’s properly removed by a professional Medway mold removal company, the value of your property and the health of you, your family, or employees are at great risk. The number one priority is to make sure that mold never has the chance to grow in your residential or commercial property. Having Flood Fire Pro address any mold damage loss you have suffered is a sure-fire way of making sure your property is completely and properly mold free. This greatly minimizes the chance of mold taking root and growing in the future.

Mold can absolutely destroy whatever it’s growing if it’s left untreated. Being exposed to mold also has its dangers: it can trigger allergic reactions, sneezing, coughing, red eyes, skin rashes, and even asthma attacks. If you often have these symptoms then it’s best to get a mold assessment as soon as possible.

Rescue your mold damage contaminated home with our mold remediation company in Medway MA, Flood Fire Pro–we have the expertise to fix the damage. Our mold specialists are trained and certified in professional mold damage cleanup and removal. We’ll recommend testing by an industrial hygienist who can devise a mold remediation protocol customized for your home. Following the protocol, we’ll design a mold treatment plan, attack your mold problem, and restore the health and safety of your home.

The Top Mold Remediation Services in Medway MA

When you have mold in Medway MA, you need a mold cleanup company that can handle any type of mold, including black mold removal. We can handle mold in house, including mold in furniture, carpets, drywall, and upholstery. Our mold remediation services were designed to handle any scope of mold, from small spots to larger toxic black mold. If you do need mold cleanup, the good news is the search for mold companies near you is over. Flood Fire Pro offers the best mold remediation throughout Medway MA. Contact us for a mold inspection.

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Mold Removal Services

  • Mold Inspection
  • HEPPA Filtrated Air Scrubbing
  • Porus Material Removal
  • Negative Air Containment
  • Content Cleaning
  • Sanding and Sealing of Constructional Components
  • Complete Packout
  • Anti-microbial Decontamination
  • Marijuana mold removal and cleanup

Mold Removal Medway MA

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Safe Mold Removal

Flood Fire Pro’s mold inspectors and mold specialists in Medway MA utilize the latest in mold removal equipment to work on your residential or commercial property. They will contain the mold to one area, perform air quality tests, use filtrations devices that will remove contaminated air out of the building and bring in fresh air from outside, and restore the area to its pre-loss condition.

No Medway mold removal job is completely done if the appropriate steps aren’t taken to ensure that the mold doesn’t return. The source that caused any toxic mold needs to be found and repaired. The affected area then needs to be thoroughly dried out, cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. Flood Fire Pro’s mold removal specialists can easily do all this, and will also monitor the humidity levels in the property to make sure they stay within the range that mold cannot grow in.

Our mold remediation company’s passion for our customer service is shown in our friendly, professional staff, and our state-of-the-art service equipment. We are dedicated only to the best practices available in our industry which all start with treating our customers right.

Marijuana Mold Removal and Cleanup

We also can handle home mold that is the result of marijuana growing. Because of marijuana laws becoming laxer over the years, many people, (such as landlords), have had to deal with properties used for illegal growing operations. Growing marijuana creates the perfect humid conditions for mold to flourish and because mold is unsafe, you need a professional mold remediation company to make sure the space is safe and habitable again. If you need marijuana mold removal and cleanup in Medway MA, contact the team at Flood Fire Pro right away!

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Flood Fire Pro has been helping residents of Medway MA with their mold mitigation for over three decades. No matter what type of mold services you need, whether they involve black mold remediation or a simpler mold removal service, We have the experience and knowledge to handle all your mold cleaning problems. Call us today at (800) 446-3776 to get started on your mold detection and mold repairs.

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